Robin Cole

I hold a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge, and have significant R&D experience across academia and industry. Over the last ten years, I have been working in the space sector, applying my optical expertise in the design and manufacture of space-based telescopes, as well as specializing in Python-based image analysis and software development. I am a well-known authority in machine and deep learning techniques for processing satellite and aerial imagery, and am dedicated to education. I have created the website, newsletter, YouTube channel, and Github organization to share my knowledge and build a community. As a strong proponent of the open-source software movement, I regularly contribute to Github and strive to make a positive impact in the developer community. I have had the opportunity to share my expertise by presenting at various Python conferences and have been invited as a guest on several podcasts, including the ZenML and Mapscaping podcasts. Through these opportunities, I am able to share my knowledge and passion for the industry, while also connecting with other like-minded individuals.